Venetian Doctor mask

Venetian style leather doctor mask

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Kell_Dragons Leathercraft


I started making leather masks and other props back in 2005, initially as a hobby. I started with several variations of the Phantom masks and designs which have proved very successful with theaters and fans alike. I have supplied customers world wide including USA,Canada, Australia,China,Europe with my handcrafts.

Skull & Crossbones

I begin with a design in paper which I work on until I'm happy then progress to leather, for which I find a suitable weight, texture and quality that performs well. I use a variety of leathers and dyes, sometimes trace my design to leather before tooling (working the design into the leather by means of metal tools or stamps).

Once the design is complete , I finish with dyes, stains and either rivet or sew depending on the function.

I am the maker of all the leather craft items I sell unless stated otherwise. I am not a factory, I prefer to make limited numbers of pieces.